Your smile for the day (and how to embed a video in a blog post)

Have you ever seen those hilarious YouTube videos, like this one, and wanted to share it with everyone you know?

I love this video–they’re adorable!

In order to share this video with you, I have embedded it into this post. That means that instead of giving you a link to it, I’ve made it so you can view it right from my blog, and the views count towards the total YouTube views on their page!

How to embed a video into a blog post

Here’s how you embed a video in a blog post:

1. From the YouTube video, click “Share.”

Embed a video

2. Click “Embed” and copy the code. First, you’ll want to uncheck the box that says, “show suggested videos when the video finishes” as there is sometimes inappropriate content when those pop up.


How to embed a video

3. Head to your blog post and paste the Embed code into your Text tab. I also add <center> before the code so it centers on the page for me:

Embed Video


Don’t forget to switch back to the visual tab when you’re done!

4. You did it! Your video will look like this until you publish your post:

How to embed a video


  1. says

    Thank you sooo much for sharing tips like these. I’m Tech challenged and only started my blog recently. I have had so many family illnesses this year that I haven’t been able to learn all that I want to learn about blogging. But thanks to you, I have th chance to learn. Thanks again.

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