Count On FedEx For Countless Possibilities Through Education

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FedEx Countless Possibilities 

I remember almost everything that my high school history teacher taught me–and almost none of it was about history.

She taught us about taking care of ourselves, about being kind to one another, and the importance and privilege of education. It was in part because of her that I explored several career options before settling on getting my degrees in speech therapy. After spending six years going to college, it was because of my family that I felt confident in leaving my career and starting my own business doing something I did not have a degree in.

Countless possibilities.

How would you thank someone who encouraged you to explore countless possibilities?

Right now, FedEx One Rate Shipping is sponsoring a Countless Possibilities Through Education contest. You can help vote for the semi-finalist teacher-submitted Countless Possibilities videos. The winning school/teacher will receive a $25,000 Grand Prize.

As I mentioned, this contest is sponsored by the new FedEx One Rate shipping option. You can now pick your free packaging, provide a destination for your delivery, and pick a time and date for delivery: all for one low rate.
From now until December 23, FedEx will donate $1 to Teach for America for every FedEx One Rate transaction and every use of #CountlessPossibilities in social media, up to $300,000.

FedEx Library In A Box Giveaway!

FedEx is making sure to give kids even more #CountlessPosibilities by providing two “Library In A Box” prize packs ($125 value each) to one lucky reader and the teacher in their community they nominate.
The “Library In A Box” prize packs include:

  • Top 5 Best-Selling Books from Amazon for kids at the grade level (for teacher packs) and kids age (for parent packs)
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Book plate stickers or a book plate stamp from Etsy

To enter:

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me which teacher in your community will receive a “Library in a box” from you and what makes them the most deserving teacher.

Optional Entry: Head over to the My Crazy Good Life facebook page and “like” to stay up to date about posts and giveaways! Leave me a comment with your Facebook name so I can verify.


This giveaway will end on Monday, December 16th at midnight. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, December 17th.

As stated above, this post is sponsored by FedEx and One2One Network. Giveaway prizes are provided by FedEx. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.


  1. Tabathia B says

    My daughter’s current AIG teacher because she is so supportive of my daughters love of reading and so encouraging and makes learning so much fun

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  2. Jessie C. says

    I would like to give a library in box to DD’s teacher in our community. She is the most kind and patient one, so good to all kids.

  3. Mami2jcn says

    My son’s former kindergarten teacher is deserving because she’s sweet and loves her students.

  4. says

    I’d give it my daughter’s preschool teacher. She was such an inspiration for the first couple years of schooling for my oldest.

  5. says

    I would love to give this to my daughters preschool teacher. This is the FIRST year the school has had a preschool program and unfortunately it wasn’t well organized. Not only does she go above and beyond as a teacher, she has also been shouldered with the responsibility of practically creating the program.
    But aside from that, she is simply a great teacher. My daughter is advanced for her age and it can be difficult to get her to participate in activities she views redundant. Instead of pushing her to the side Mrs. W takes the time to challenge her, despite a 15 to 1 ratio of students to teacher.

  6. says

    I would give it to my son’s Kindergarten teacher. Throughout this whole year she has been truly amazing. From allowing my daughter to participate in class parties and field trips while she isn’t even in school yet to my son’s differences with his food allergies, she has been wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience for out first year in school!

  7. Kellyn says

    This one is actually easy, Boo’s fourth grade teacher. She showed her that it is okay to be smart and love words. She still thrives on things that she has told her in the two years since. She is outstanding.

  8. says

    Mr. Bro is Lil Boo’s 2nd grade teacher. He takes his job as a teacher very seriously while also engaging and instilling confidence in his students. He makes sure they work hard and on Fridays he busts out his guitar and the class jams to some Weezer songs. How cool is that?!

    Peas Out!

  9. says

    My son’s Kindergarten teacher! She has been amazing helping him transition and get into a good routine. I know she would love this for her classroom.

  10. Samantha says

    My Daughter’s second grade teacher Miss Treadaway. She is the most loving and deserving teacher for this!!

  11. betsy says

    I would love to give it to an elementary teacher in our community who is caring, compassionate and passionate about teaching kids

  12. Holly says

    I would love to give it to a teacher at our small local school. They work hard and teach multiple grades.

  13. Jennifer Marie says

    My sons’s current first grade teacher would get the box. She deserves it b/c she is taking extra time and putting in extra effort with my son who is a little hyper. I am very thankful for her.

  14. Elizabeth H. says

    This is amazing!!! I am a future teacher committed to bettering the world through empowering our children with quality education :) I want to educate both hearts and minds to get out there and do big things! This book set would be amazing to help start up my classroom. I’ve been looking for a giveaway like this and can’t tell you what good it would do for my start as a teacher!

  15. Elizabeth H. says

    I voted for KIPP Stride Academy. I’ve read up on the KIPP schools quite a bit, and they are doing some amazing things for education. So cool! Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  16. Heather says

    My 3 grade son has been having a lot of problems in school. I am trying everything I can to get him to read, but he just hates it. I am trying every genre to get him interested, I know I will find that ONE genre that will make him a lover of all books, just like his momma. His teacher, Mrs. Cordero, has been so patient and kind to him. She is doing a wonderful job of helping him. He was just diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, so it is a challenge for both her and myself…. but we are both up to the challenge to help him learn to love reading.

  17. Elizabeth says

    I don’t have kids so I’m not familiar with our elementary schools. However, one of my former coworkers used to tell me about her sister who works as a teacher. Her efforts on behalf of her students sounded like she went above and beyond. I’d choose her!

  18. Nina McClain says

    I would give it to my mother, who is currently teaching a 5th/6th split. She is always in need of low reading and higher reading books for her students, who tend to be all over the place in their abilities. I know I’m a tad bias, but she really is an amazing teacher. Her students from years ago still come back and visit her and tell her how much of a positive influence she was in their lives.

  19. Gennie Lancaster says

    My daughter’s teacher Mrs.Purvis! She is an awesome teacher and you can tell she really loves all the kids in her class.

  20. Noelle Cagle says

    It would be for me and my homeschool group. We teachers buy ALL of our own supplies! We are deserving because we teach our kids more than just M-F 8-3, but all of the time.

  21. Meghan Malicoat says

    I would give it to my daughter’s first grade teacher. My daughter has been having some trouble and she is always so patient, kind and understanding and does so much to work with her. She would be very deserving of the gift.

  22. sarah tracey says

    Ms. Christensen, my son’s 1st grade teacher.My son has a reading delay along with a speech delay but is in mainstream classes.His teacher has worked so hard at finding just the right way to help him be successful.He is doing great and loves school because of her

  23. Sarah L says

    Ginny Wilkins is a great teacher. She encourages her students and teaches them to learn.
    Thanks for the contest.

  24. Solducky says

    A friend of mine is a teacher in a very high poverty area. She has such a passion for her kids though, and loves her school and all of the teachers there! She always speaks really highly of them and I really admire all of the work and love she puts into teaching.

  25. Suzanne says

    my old teacher mr.alzheimerz because he is the one that got me into reading alot and now i can do that for my daughter

  26. Angela says

    I’d give this to Mr. Robertson – a 3rd grade teacher. He is always warm and welcoming to students, making them look forward to coming to school. One of the best parts of a day in his class is reading time – every day after lunch he reads students a chapter from a book. He really gets into it, using different voices for each character. The kids love it. It would be awesome to give him a gift of books to add to his collection that he reads to his students.

  27. Stephanie Gossett says

    I would give this to Linda Lewis. She is the most selfless teacher I have ever met. She uses her own money to buy shoes and clothes for “her students” all the time. I would love to give this to her….because I know she will use it to bless more precious kids!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  28. says

    Mrs. Gen will receive a box from me. She’s a mother of two, homeschooling her two young children, working full time, and has a husband who is disabled. She truly deserves this!

  29. says

    I would give the box to my daughters Kindergarten teacher. Even though my daughter is now in 1st grade, her kindergarten teacher spends 3 extra hours a week after school with my daughter in extra reading time. It is for SUPR reading classes and my daughters one on one time with her has helped her so much this year! She is a blessing.

  30. Jessica H. says

    I would love to win this for my daughter’s fourth grade teacher. She is so amazing, she has even taken the class on a field trip on the weekend. There are not too many teachers that are willing to give up their free time to take kids on a busy field trip. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  31. ghwasd says

    I would love if this box of books could go to a very hard working and caring teacher I know. She teaches at a small parochial school with limited funding. Due to the small amount of money the school has to operate, she teaches three grades (third through fifth) and survives on limited supplies (including a very small collection of books). Thanks for this amazing giveaway! ghwasd at gmail dot com

  32. Natasha A says

    The teacher at the school my children went to, right before we moved, will definitely get the “library in a box”! She was a wonderful asset to the school, as both a teacher and the principal! Miss her so much!

  33. Robert says

    I’d pick my wife. She is a wonderful teacher for children with disabilities and is a great mom and wife to boot.

  34. Alinga B says

    I would give a Library in a box to my Son’s Preschool Teacher! She is amazing with the kids and he learns so much in her class.

  35. April says

    My daughter’s teacher Mrs. Neal – she truly loves teaching and does such an amazing job with the students!

  36. Robyn L says

    I would definitely give this box to my mother’s neighbor. She is a fifth grade teacher who absolutely loves her job and children. She teaches in an urban city and she uses her own money to purchase supplies which she might need in her classroom for the children. She has a heart of gold and is so deserving of something like this.

  37. Tabitha P. says

    My daughter’s kinder teacher.
    she was so kind and patient with the kids.
    my dd is in 2nd and misses her.

  38. Danielle Jones says

    I would give this to my son’s teacher from last year. She doesn’t have biological children of her own but loves all of her students as if they were hers. She really puts her heart into not only teaching but helping the children. If their struggling with school work or problems with peers even problems at home they know they can go to her. She is always positive and uses positive reinforcement in every aspect of teaching the students. She is very out going and into having a good time. She sure knows how to make learning fun! I could go on forever about this teacher but i’m sure you get the point…lol

  39. cassandra says

    I would give it to my friend as a gift who is graduating soon as a teacher :) She is going to be an amazing teacher. She is very caring and bright person.

  40. Jennifer H says

    I work at a school in a high poverty rural area. I would give it to our first grade teacher. She could really use it. (small school, one teacher per grade).
    Liked on Facebook Jennifer Pettit Halstead
    Voted for KIPP STRIVE Academy via twitter HalsteadJen

  41. Virginia P. says

    I would share with my co-workers. We are seventh grade ELA teachers, and we are always dipping into our own pockets for books!

  42. Allie says

    I would give to my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher at Eagle Elementary School of the Arts in Eagle, Idaho. Teachers work all day and then grade papers all weekend!

  43. Georgia Beckman says

    The teacher in my community would be Lindsay Mattingly, my granddaughter’s 6th grade teacher. She is a great teacher & a kind soul. And besides, anyone that deals with 6th graders all day every day, surely deserves a prize!

  44. Krystal says

    I would have to keep these books since I jusst started homeschooling my four children. We would be very thankful.

  45. Rebecca says

    Ms Shawn from NW Children’s school. She is wonderful with the students and understands that everyone child learns different. She does above what is expected.

  46. Montanna Lyndsey Sutherland says

    I’d like to give this to my nephews teacher because she has been very understanding and helpful with the upheaval that has happened in little man’s life lately. She is very kind and a great teacher!

  47. Harmony B says

    My sons special ed kindergarten teacher deserves the prize because she is so patient and helpful


    My sisters 2nd grade teacher Yvonne Pilling…what makes her a great teacher is that she really cares for the kids and truly wants them to learn!

  49. aimee m says

    mine would go to my mom who has taught prek for almost 30 years now. she does it because she loves it.

  50. Christina Anne says

    I’d give it to my granddaughter’s 5th grade teacher! She strives so hard to teach the students well and she is a fun, hard-working teacher. She reads to the children and seems to really enjoy books:)
    annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

  51. Emily says

    Either my daughters 5th grade teacher or my two little kids preschool teacher. They are both great teachers. Thanks!

  52. says

    My kiddo’s teacher. My kiddo brought home one of the classroom lending library books and there was a significant amount of mold inside the book. We are replacing that book for the teacher, but I would guess that her classroom lending library could use an update. :)

  53. Jenny says

    My daughter’s teacher. He is amazing with the kids and is the most enthusiastic teacher I have ever met. He is very creative, understanding, and makes learning fun!

  54. Shawn says

    I would want it to go to a teacher at the elementary school that both of my children went to. They learned so much from him. Truly a fantastic teacher.


  55. Holly S. says

    My daughter’s teacher “Miss Amy”, because she is an amazing teacher. She works hard keeping them engaged and learning in some really unconventional ways, such as singing and dancing on the desks, doing letters in shaving cream, etc. If it’s fun for the kids, she’s done it. She is a peach!

  56. Laura says

    My first college roommate is a teacher in our community. This is her first year teaching and she’s with 3rd grade. I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. I think she is definitely deserving!

  57. Vanessa says

    My son’s teacher would be the most deserving! She’s an incredible woman and has taught my son so much!

  58. Tiffiny Duke says

    CHALLENGING+INSPIRATIONAL+HAPPY+LOVING=MISS LISH!! My 5th grader loves school! Her teacher has created the best environment for learning! She makes learning so FUN for the kids! They never want to stop! Her number one priority is reading! I can’t get my child to stop reading, that’s how important it has become to her! Miss Lish absolutely loves the children, treats them like her own, and loves her job! You can tell because the children wear her smile everyday! She is the greatest!!

  59. Emily Wells says

    My 4th grader’s ASD Resource teacher. She’s been teaching in the Autism program at my son’s elementary school for 10 years and she LOVES her students! The woman has the patience of a saint–I really don’t know how she does what she does, but the kids (and parents!) love her. She definitely deserves these books!

  60. Nicole S says

    I would actually give them to my sister, Amy, who is a second grade teacher at an underprivileged school.

  61. Tina W says

    My little sister teaches at an alternative school helping teens earn their high school diploma. Most of her students have said they don’t own any books in their homes, so she has the whole family constantly on the prowl for young adult books at yard sales and thrift stores. It would be great to be able to give these kids NEW books of their very own.

  62. linda w. says

    My daughters teacher makes thing fun for the kids to make them want to read. The kids are reading so many books from the class that she is looking for new books to keep them going.

  63. Sue Hull says

    I’d give it to my neighbor who is a teacher. She’s so amazing! She really loves her job and her kids. Its not everyday where you see a teacher so passionate about what she does. Thank you :)

  64. Christy Colln says

    I would give it to myself because I homeschool my son and I teach him as a job :) I love him to death and this would help our library grow! Thanks for the chance

  65. Birdiebee says

    My youngest granddaughter’s second grade teacher. She is so good with the kids as well as kind and compassionate to all who enter through her door.

  66. Heather says

    I would give it to my friend she has 6 children and not much money. The kids would enjoy an new book

  67. becky barrett beitzel says

    my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. my son also had her in kindergarten and she is one of those teachers that you KNOW loves her job. she goes above and beyond every single day and my children love her.

  68. Ashley Metzger says

    I’m a homeschool mom, so this would be amazing. But I have a lovely friend Mrs. Becca who would do anything for her students. She adores each one of her students. I would definitely give it to her. She always spends her own money for her students, so she would be so grateful!

  69. Nicole Sender says

    I’d give the library box to my sister who has been teaching disabled children for over 20 years. She is dedicated to improving their lives through support and compassion.

  70. Dawn Monroe says

    My first grandchild started Kindergarten this year and her teacher has been awesome, I would give it to her.

  71. Joni Caraway (trippygrandmaof3) says

    My granddaughter fifth grade math teach Mr. Booth would receive the Library in a box because he is retiring this year and is my granddaughters favorite teacher that motivates her to keep a straight a average and work hard.

  72. says

    I would like to present this gift to the music teacher that works at the Evansville Lutheran School she is a client of the owner at the salon I work at. She is so caring is always excited to share what the kids are working. She is so sweet and had so much to offer the children she works with.

  73. Lisa R says

    One of my daughters teachers is an author so he especially likes books for his classroom. He’s a good teacher, he even makes podcasts about things they learn. He lets the kids act out about something they are learning about, every year kids love this teacher

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  74. Becky VanGinkel says

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this prize pack for our 3 children! We are all avid readers and we have nightly reading time with all 3 of our kids. It is a time to explore new worlds, start a new adventure, or learn something about somebody halfway around the world!! It is a time when nothing is unimaginable.

    I would like to nominate my sons 5th grade teacher to be the recipient of the Teachers Pack. We live in a tiny community, our population is only 600, and her class has only 18 children. Even though we are a small town/school, we have an awesome literacy program and I know my sons teacher would greatly appreciate every single book. She is a great teacher and all of the students love her. Not only would my sons class and his teacher be grateful, but the classes to come in the years ahead would also benefit! Thank you so much for the chance!!

    Becky VanGinkel

  75. says

    I would nominate my son’s 1st grade teacher. She teaches at a school for kids with autism, and the challenges are many, and yet she LOVES these kids as if they are her own (has even offered to babysit for me). My son adores her, and she has found a way to instill a love of learning in him and in all of the students! Her enthusiasm is amazing to me. :)