Nobody Warned Me (Thoughts from a mom of older kids)

Nobody warned me. Thoughts from the mom of older kids.

When the boys were younger, I volunteered in their classroom. I made dinner and gave them baths and did everything else a “normal” mom would do, dreaming of the days that they would be self-sufficient. I longed for the day they wouldn’t cry at the drop of a hat. The day when they would stop asking for…

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Thank You, Mom #PutYourHeartToPaper


This post is sponsored by Hallmark, who offered a topic as a prompt. The words and opinions of this post are all my own.  As a parent of older boys, I often think about what our relationship will be like “after.” After they go through the “I’m so embarrassed of you” 12 year-old stage. After they…

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What’s It Like To Walk The Red Carpet in Hollywood? #BigHero6Event

What's It Like To Walk The Red Carpet in Hollywood?

Ah-mazing. That’s what it’s like. I was able to walk the red carpet for the Big Hero 6 premiere this week with 24 other bloggers. For my first red carpet event, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I heard it would be rushed, loud, and a little stressful, but… it wasn’t! The other bloggers who had done this…

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