How to shred chicken in your stand mixer

Life Hack: How To Shred Chicken in Your Mixer

As I was preparing chicken tacos the other night, a friend asked me what I was doing when I put the cooked chicken into my Kitchenaid stand mixer bowl. When I told her I was just shredding it quickly, she was amazed. You can shred chicken in your mixer? Yes! It takes just a few seconds, and is so much easier than pulling it apart with two forks.   I know this is a simple post–basic. But I just learned about this trick…

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3 Uses for a Magic Eraser

3 Uses for a Magic Eraser #PGBestForMe #Giveaway

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and P&G It’s spring time, and that means that we’re all doing some spring cleaning in our homes! Today I’m sharing my uses for a Magic Eraser and bringing you a giveaway to win a P&G gift box worth $70! 1. Remove hard water spots: I use Magic Erasers to remove the water spots on my granite countertops. I tend to always have a buildup of hard water spots right below the handle for…

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Life Hack: Iced Coffee and Smoothie Tip

Life Hack: Frozen Coffee Cubes

My love for coffee runs deep. Blended coffee. Iced coffee. Coconut oil coffee. Even coffee popsicles. We love coffee. One way to make these coffee creations even yummier is to use frozen coffee cubes to make them. It eliminates the need for ice and ensures that you get nothing but coffee in every sip. How do I do it? It really is the most simple recipe. I brew a cup of coffee and add it to my silicone ice cube…

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Life Hack: The best contact lens tip

Life Hack: The Best Contact Lens Tip

When I first got my contact lenses (last month–I know, right?) I read tons of tips and tricks on the internet. My doctor helped me and Karen helped a ton. She was my on-call personal contact lens assistant. But there was one contact lens tip that I had to find out the hard way. Not because people were keeping it from me, but probably because they never thought to tell me. The one thing nobody thought to mention was that…

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