2014 Toyota Highlander Review

I recently reviewed the 2014 Toyota Highlander for a week and to be honest… fell in love.

2014 Toyota Highlander Review

The 2nd row of captain’s chairs makes it easy to get to the back row. We also loved the fold-down table between the chairs.

2014 Highlander Captain's Chairs

There was plenty of room in the back seat for little (and big) legs. I drove a few friends to dinner one night and everyone was comfortable in both the front and back seats.

Highlander Back Seat

Running errands was a breeze! There was room in the back for all of our groceries, and the back row (and 2nd row, actually) both fold down in case you need to haul bigger purchases.

Highlander Trunk Space

The center console was one of my favorite features of the Highlander. It’s huge, and it has divided sections–because having a huge glove box is not a plus without the divided sections, as everything gets lost and buried. In fact, the center console in the Highlander can fit 60 juice boxes inside. Just in case you’re stuck in traffic and get thirsty!

Divided center console

The information screen on your dashboard gives you information about your direction, gas mileage, music, and more. Your preferences can be easily scrolled through on the steering wheel and your eyes stay close to the road at all times.


The car seamlessly connects with your phone, which is a huge feature for me. I could control my music and podcasts without looking down at my phone. Also, when you enter the car while talking on your phone it automatically connects through the Bluetooth and begins to use the car’s audio system for your phone call. No buttons needed to be pushed, this was an automatic (and safe!) feature.


Another feature of the 2014 Highlander is a great shelf for your gadgets, complete with a place for your charging cord to remain within arm’s reach at all times. There’s a hole in the bottom of the shelf that leads to the USB port so you don’t have long cords all over your dash area.


Let’s talk about apps. My favorite app for the Highlander is the Driver Easy Speak. The driver’s voice is amplified throughout the car when this is on, eliminating the need for yelling to the back seat. I always feel like I’m yelling to be heard in the car, especially when the kids are in the far back row. This feature is by far my favorite. I used Driver Easy Speak when my girlfriends and I went out, and it was nice to have a conversation without yelling and without asking each other to repeat ourselves.

The app is easily turned off so the driver’s singing isn’t amplified throughout the entire car ;)


I was surprised at how big this car seemed on the inside, between the 7 seats and leg room for all. The trunk area is big enough for our busy day of errands in town, and the features are second to none. I was expecting to review a car that would be too small for a family of four to comfortably fit in, and I was wrong. The Highlander is definitely in the running when we look at new vehicles.



  1. Kendra says

    Keep test driving these vehicles Becca! I went to look at the Highlander, but it was too small for us.

    I ended up buying a Sequoia!!!

    I would not of thought to go look at these cars without your reviews.

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